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On Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, fixed cache-clearing an extra 8 scanlines of texture data on videos that had a divisible by 16 or less height (height%32 == 1 to 16)This could crash on a dcbst instruction depending on how your texture memory was mapped.Added Telemetry support to Bink Orbis.Added hack workaround for Bink 2 GPU on AMD 5800 cards for DX11.Fixed a crash when BinkGetPlatformInfo-ing the sound submission thread on PS4 when no Binks had an open sound track.Fixed a bug when playing a Bink 2 movie on the GPU that has alpha, but you chose not to decompress the alpha.On the iOS simulator, fixed a link error with Bink 2.Made Bink 1 always blit the entire frame with DIBSections (prevents worse than usual tearing issues on slow scrolling videos in Aero mode on Windows).Multithreaded the resizing of videos during compression - compression can be many times faster if you are resizing.On Android x86, used a dummy silence sound buffer to prevent clicks and to avoid terrible performance if the sound started skippingChanges from 2.4d/1.994d to 2.4e/1.994e (05-14-2014)Changes from 0.8a to 0.8b (03-23-1999)Changes from 1.5e to 1.5f (05-08-2002)Changes from 2.4m/1.994m to 2.5a/1.995a (02-25-2015)This is normally harmless, but on some Windows installs when running with no sound card, you could get a shutdown crash.Fixed a path problem loading video files in the UE4 plugin on AndroidYou should still call BinkPause if you are doing this intentionallyChanges from 2.4i/1.994k to 2.4m/1.994m (01-06-2015)


Worked around a compiler bug that could cause the Bink compressor to crash on some input filesChanges from 2.1b/1.990b to 2.1c/1.990c (04-04-2013)Changes from 1.9h to 1.9i (10-31-2008)Added a grayscale blitting mode (much faster - useful on slow machines).Further tweaked the frame skipping logic for slower machines.Made the DIBSection blitter chosen before the overlay and off-screen surfaces (should be more compatible)Changes from 1.8h to 1.8i (02-23-2006)If you are using one of these platforms, you must update.Fixed a problem where a mono sound track couldn't be spacialized to the back right speaker on Xbox 360Changes from 2.3b/1.993b to 2.3c/1.993c (11-26-2013)Changes from 1.5x to 1.5y (09-23-2003)Added pre-written SPURS task and RAW support libraries for the PS3 SPU asynchronous decompressor.On SPURS, allow the audio codec to be swapped out to make more room when decompressing 1080p movies.Wrote SIMD SPU audio decoder routines (which lowered the audio decompression time on the SPU by 25%).Preload a little more data on the SPU routines to get better overlap (which allowed me to shrink the overall memory footprint a bit).Switched a bunch of temporary buffers to the stack with alloca on Windows, Xbox 360, PS3 and SPU


Rebuilt the Bink installation program to include the mixerIt's always best to try to play the movies at 1 to 1, though, since it seems impossible to remove all possible scaled sampling errors.On Wii, fixed the pause feature so that it resumes the audio tracks immediatelyChanges from 1.8c to 1.8d (06-24-2005)Added an 'Auto' mode for the datarate in the compressors - this will choose a reasonable data rate for your input video's resolution and frame rate.Added a position scroll bar to the Bink Player.Fixed a bug in the software blitters that would crash if your Bink 2 file was 16 to 23 pixels off of divisible by 32 in the width.Made the File Info button properly recognize Bink 2.2 files.Several improvements in the Bink 2 encoder - improved compression speed by about 10%.New mo-vec samplers that don't overread when filteringHuge quality improvements on videos with color gradiants, washes, or fades as a result of cleaning up noise contamination all the way through the Bink pixel pipelineWrote new optimizations for Xbox 360 and PS3 that give around a 5% speed improvement.Fixed an overflow bug where Bink movies around the 400 MB range might be preloaded rather than streamed.Fixed a bug on the PS3 where a small amount of audio could be dropped at the beginning of playback if the system was under load.Added more bulletproofing when reading the Bink header.Fixed a bug on Wii and GameCube where very small files (and preloaded files) using a file offset wouldn't open.Added new documentation describing best practices for handling critical errors on each of our platforms.Made 8-bit audio tracks play on Wii, PS2, PS3, and PSPChanges from 1.5f to 1.5g (05-15-2002)


Changes from 1.2i to 1.2J (02-18-2002)Fixed a crash in the Bink compressor when compressing a file with an alpha channel to very low data rates.Fixed a bug where the X and Y offsets were being ignored when importing a file with an alpha channel.Fixed a rare, nasty crash in several of the RAD Video Tools when memory returned from the system was oddly aligned.Added PSP support for the system simple audio library (and made the example use it).Fixed a thread handle leak on PSP.Fixed the global audio buffer memory being leaked on PSPChanges from 1.99d to 1.99e (04-05-2011)Changes from 2.5n/1.100n to 2.5p/1.100p (4-18-2016)Changes from 1.5w to 1.5x (08-27-2003)Fixed a hang that could occur during video playback if you suspended Bink IO, and then ran the buffer all the way down to empty without resuming IO.Updated the Bink for UE4 installation docsAdded a new simplified way to redirect Bink's IO functions without having to completely replace the IO system


Made the player periodically ask to check for updates (since many users just double-click in Explorer and never run the tools).Fixed a stupid bug where Bink videos without sound would play as fast possibleChanges from 1.8u to 1.8v (05-22-2007)Fixed a bug on the Mac and GameCube where an uncommon block type was not being byte-swapped as it was loaded.Fixed a bug in the YUV lookup tables on the Mac, GameCube and non-MMX PC where the RGB pixels were too dim (which was most noticable when clamped pixels showed up as too bright).Fixed a bug in BinkGetRealTime when called on the very first frame.Made the input YUV converter more accurate (during compression)Changes from 2.5i/1.995i to 2.5j/1.995j (10-07-2015)Changes from 1.99n to 1.99p (04-04-2012) 3db19cccfd

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