18. Sep, 2018

Megamind The Button Of Doom Full Movie In Hindi 720p

Megamind: The Button Of Doom Full Movie In Hindi 720p >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

On Megamind's first day as a hero, his most evil invention comes to life and he must put a stop to it.

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original title: Megamind: The Button of Doom

genge: Animation,Short,Action,Comedy,Family,Sci-Fi

imdb: 7.3

duration: 16min

keywords: minion, robot, cgianimation, pushbutton, ray, villainturnsgood, talkinganimal, booger, explosion, fictionalcity, blueskin, talkingfish, wreckingball, giantrobot, supervillain, characternameintitle

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For their first day on the job as the new protectors of Metro City, Megamind and Minion are selling off the gadgets from their evil lair. But when one seemingly harmless "button" unleashes the gigantic robot MEGA-MEGAmind, the duo will have to resort their old tricks to restore order. It's Megamind's first day as defender of Metro City, and now that he is not evil anymore, he is selling all of his evil gadgets. But suddenly, he and his best friend Minion find a button. Megamind pushes it and accidentally unleashes an evil holographic Megamind. Now it's up to him to save Metro City once again. Let me start this review by saying that I did not watch the full feature film about "Megamind". I decided to watch these 13 minutes instead and then decide if I should see the entire thing. Unfortunately, the result is negative. It's just too generic of a story. Megamind goes against a former creation of his who mistakes him for his former enemy. Megamind gets help from his assistant Minion. The good thing about this animated short film is of course that Will Ferrell is in to voice the central character. Brad Pitt is out of the picture though. And the writer from the original film wrote this one here. The director is somebody else though. He made a couple weak "Shrek" short films in the past and "Bee Movie". Not exactly a too impressive body of work. Anyway, the ending with those kids who believe they can do what they want, was pretty fine again. But all in all, it's too little, too late. Also it looks like they will not make a real sequel to Megamind. I am not angry about it. This one here had a touch too much action for my taste and too little fun. Not recommended. The Button of Doom is Blu Ray extra for the Megamind film. The quality of the animation is very good, especially the battle sequences.

Now that Megamind is no longer evil, he has a garage sale to get rid of all his evil weapons. At least he seems to be trusting that the little kids will not use that dehydrate ray gun on their parents.

Only when he later pushes a mysterious red button he activates a giant robot who thinks Megamind is now Metro Man and plans to eliminate him.

This is a slickly made short which kids will enjoy due to the sarcastic humour. Will Ferrell returns as the voice of Megamind.


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