18. Sep, 2018

The An Occurrence At Black Canyon

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In 1661 France, a frustrated female artist meets a younger swordsman, who adds more color to her lifestyle.

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original title: An Occurrence at Black Canyon

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,Romance,Short

duration: 20min

tags: The paintbrush is mightier than the sword!

budget: $52,000

keywords: artist, paintbrush, 2000s, stabbedtodeath, doublecross, forger, portrait, swordfight, husbandwiferelationship, cuckold, chastitybelt, key, artmuseum, artgallery, apple, sword, cleavage, birdshit, ease

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In 1661 France, Célimène Dubois, is a frustrated female artist who feels imprisoned by her overbearing husband, Jacques Dubois. She soon meets a mysterious swordsman, Claude Villain who shares her passion for the arts. They quickly fall in love and devise a devious plot to murder her husband once and for all! However, Jacques has been expecting that this day will come when his wife rebels. He is prepared and will not give up easily. The two men face off in a deadly duel to the death in this epic period piece filled with unexpected twists! In 1661 France, a frustrated female artist meets a younger swordsman, who adds more color to her lifestyle. The Hefner brothers have done it again! 'An Occurrence at Black Canyon' is a deft blend of swordsmanship, quick wit and stunning visuals. Playful and irreverent without descending to cheap camp, 'Black Canyon' is a loving homage to the Musketeer films of the early '70's.

The leads are excellent with Ms. Knotts in particular providing a stand-out performance. She's funny, as always, but, more surprisingly, she proves herself a very capable action heroine. You can tell she's having fun in this role and her enthusiasm is catching.

Tech credits are superb. Although it is under twenty minutes in length, the film manages to create a number of memorable set pieces each with its own distinctive look and feel. From the bucolic splendor of its opening scenes to the moody shadows of the Black Canyon itself, Team Hefner has created a richly imagined, hauntingly beautiful world.

The swordplay is fantastic. I applaud the Hefner Bros. effort to keep away from the chaotic, choppy editing technique that has made so many modern action films a headache to endure. Here they've kept the camera at a bit of a medium distance thereby allowing us to enjoy the intricate choreography of the well-designed stunt sequences. Bravo, Hefs.

I honestly can't say enough about this film. With great music, a taut, truly funny script and amazing performances, 'An Occurrence at Black Canyon' is an all-around pleasure and a great joy to watch. Catch this film when you have the chance. Richard Lester would be proud!


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